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The history of our company

The legal predecessor of TECHNOPLAST Group was founded by József Kiss and Peter Zai mechanical engineers in 1980 under the name of GAM GM, a company constituted under civil law; this company was one of the first private industrial enterprises in Hungary and later- when it became possible – the company was transformed into a business partnership.

In the beginning the company worked as an engineering office that was engaged in designing machines and compiling production technologies and providing other engineering services then, one year after the foundation, toolmaking was added to the activities: we primarily specialised in manufacturing injection mould tools for cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

In 1989 the company started to produce injection mould tools suitable to manufacture technical plastics for the automotive industry first of all – at that time we changed the name and legal form of the company to TECHNOPLAST Bt. that referred more precisely to the activity of the company.

In 1993 we became a first lever supplier for RÁBA Rt., one of the largest automotive companies in Hungary, producing mainly sets of forging tools and various fixtures. In 1995 we converted our company into a public limited company and changed its name to TECHNOPLAST McD Kft., and toolmaking and component manufacturing became the main activity of the company.

Together with the English centre of the Japanese ARRK company we founded a joint venture under the name of ARRK-TECH Kft. to produce prototypes of plastic injection moulding tools, and we operated this joint venture successfully for four years.

In 2000 we started to deal with production of rapid prototype parts. ALPHAFORM AG provided the equipment and technological knowledge. In the beginning this activity was conducted as a business unit in a plant of the enterprise then, in order to satisfy increasing demands, the number of staff and sales revenue increased and the reorganization of this activity into an independent enterprise became reasonable and was realized in 2005 to establish the company named TECHNOPLAST PROTOTYPING Kft.

Our company has been operating in its present form under the name TECHNOPLAST GROUP Kft. since 2011.

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