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Our company is at your disposal with almost forty years of professional experience in the field of plastic processing and metalworking. More than seventy of us work on providing complex services in plastic processing, tool-making and metalworking.

Planning, engineering services, manufacturing by rapid prototyping, the production of tools, appliances, assembly jigs, non-series, small and large series plastic and metal parts and subassemblies and complex machines are among the activities of TECHNOPLAST GROUP Kft. as well as R&D activity.

Our products are used in the machine industry, automotive industry, medical instruments manufacturing, electronics industry, aeronautical industry, space industry and other sectors requiring considerable development work. More than ninety per cent of our products are exported to Western European countries.

We believe that the secret of our success lies in keeping the quality of our products and services constantly at a high level and further improving them, therefore we operate in accordance with strict quality assurance standards – we provide detailed information on them on our site.

We trust that we can arouse your interest in the products and services of our company and we can welcome your company among our partners soon.

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Our company has more than forty years of professional experience in the field of plastic processing and metalworking at your disposal.

Door handle set - for hygienic door opening

Technoplast Group Kft. with the following non-contact door handle
wants to contribute to the fight against pathogens such as the COVID-19.


Quality management

The quality assurance policy of TECHNOPLAST GROUP Kft. is based on the operation of the annually audited ISO 9001 quality assurance system, which was introduced in 2000.

The dimensional accuracy of our products is guaranteed by in-process inspections and a final inspection using a DERBY 454 measuring machine.

Our company operates a Clipper enterprise resource planning system, which allows the up-to-date control and management of the production and management processes using the barcode technology.

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