Research + development + innovation activities

Our company carries out continuous research, development and innovation activities by developing our own projects; furthermore we support complex development meeting the requirements of the customers and produce prototypes accordingly.

Own developments

Manufacturing of closed-cell profiled aluminium foam parts

The external border surface of the aluminium parts is a contiguous, continuously enclosed solid shell layer. The inner space is filled in by a random foam structure. The thickness of the shell and the density of the internal foam are variable, as desired. The part mostly resembles the structure of a bone and its properties also correspond to it. Its characteristics: specifically high mechanical strength, energy absorbing ability, vibration damping. By means of weight reduction the advantageous properties of the part can primarily be utilized by the automotive industry, the aeronautical industry and the space industry.

Aluminium foam and plastic/rubber composites

During the production of the product metal foams produced with different technologies are used that are manufactured using different machining technologies: milling, turning, drilling, EDM, cutting-free forming, forging, pressing or cold and warm forming, and heat forming. The metal foam body prepared in this way can have opened or closed cell structure. The products we produce combine the energy absorbing, vibration and noise dampening abilities of the metal foam products with the favourable properties of other components of the composite. This technology allows producing high-strength parts that have low mass at the same time.
Through the elastic and permanent deformations of the structure composite structures are capable of absorbing the energy shock arising from the collision. By combining proper geometry and the composite elements the parts installed outside the structure to be protected or in its buffer zones are capable of reducing or completely absorbing the forces impacting externally, as required. Therefore composite structures are suitable to produce life and property protection devices, with special regard to vehicles, lifting equipment, elevators, machinery and other equipment.
By choosing the appropriate components of the composite almost infinite number of structures with diverse features can be produced; the advantage is that by utilising specifically small volumes of materials substantial weight reduction can be achieved which can primarily be advantageous for the automotive, aeronautical and space industries.

Prototype and series production of plastic parts with carbon fabric

Small series plastic injection moulding in plastic tool

Product development

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