Automotive industry

Automotive industry

Parts manufacturing


Manufacturing of plastic and rubber interior and exterior parts as well as parts in the engine compartment, non-series and in small series, by applying rapid prototyping processes (3D printing, vacuum-casting, RIM casting); in medium series by injection moulding in plastic or Al-Bz inserts in soft tools; in large series with automatic hardened tools. If required we can paint the parts in accordance with the quality standards of the automotive industry.

Our goal is to satisfy customer requirements ranging from one piece to series of million pieces, applying the most efficient technologies (you can read more about them here).
Complete operating units are assembled from the parts. (E.g. passenger car A/C equipment).

Tool-making, device manufacturing


Manufacturing of plastic injection moulding tools as a TIR1 and TIR2 supplier to German, Italian and domestic automotive enterprises (AUDI, VW, BMW, Aston Martin, Delphi, Bentley, Bosch, Shinwa).

Manufacturing of die forged tools and appliances for RÁBA Rt. since 1992. We are TIER2 level suppliers of GM, Meritor, Rockwell, Mercedes, Renault and ZF.

Manufacturing press dies and appliances used for assembly for the tool manufacturing plant of Audi, since 2008


Aston Martin