Technoplast Medical Ltd.

Technoplast Medical Ltd.

The predecessor organizations of Technoplast Medical Ltd. have been reliable suppliers of domestic, Swiss and German companies that produce medical instruments, medical devices and medical products as well as of pharmaceutical factories and cosmetics companies since 1985.
For a domestic pharmaceutical factory, we manufactured large series of various injection moulded plastic products amounting to million pieces per year, along with packaging products and tools needed for production.

We have produced complete sets of packaging tools for tablet production lines, subsequently automated units and specific medical devices.
We have manufactured injection moulded products and prepared manufacturing tools for domestic cosmetics companies.
In 2000 we started to apply prototype technologies, 3D printing, vacuum casting, RIM casting and small-batch injection moulding to produce specific and small-batch medical devices. We exported our products to fulfil orders placed by Western European companies.

We produce complete equipment, subassemblies, covers, various plastic and metal parts according to our customer’s request. We manufacture specific, small and large batch pharmaceutical products. If required, we participate in both developing products and producing prototype. We mass produce complete assembled kidney stone crushing machines whose electronics is prepared by our German partner.
To fulfil orders received from France, we mass produce gynaecological devices assembled from injection moulded plastic parts and we will export these devices all over the world after we have obtained the necessary licences and a CE marking. The quality of the products complies with the requirements of MDR 1sterile class.

Together with Hungarian universities we participate in developing new prototype and mass-produced medical devices.
The increasing demand for our products gave reason for continuing these activities in a separate company specialised in this field, and to this end we founded the Technoplast Medical Kft. on 1 September 2020.
In order to meet high requirements for our medical products, our company has implemented ISO 13485 quality management system that covers manufacture and assembly of plastic parts.

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Technoplast Group Ltd. with the following contactless door latches
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